A new adventure awaits...


Play in an all hand crafted map, with custom biomes, realistic trees, large mountain regions, custom caves, and more! All done by hand using World Painter...

Explore and discover a full immersive MMORPG Minecraft Experience.


Large and immersive cities and towns to explore. Each unique city brings its own set of rules, quests, jobs, treasures and lore to discover and learn.

Immersive gameplay experience, custom blocks, weapons, tools, food items, mobs, pets and more! 


Built with exploration in mind. Travel and visit other Kingdoms, Islands, and uncharted islands. DLC Updates will bring new and unique lands to explore.

We brought together the best features from multiple game modes; survival, factions, towny, and more!


Built to impress! Our worlds bring immersive creativity to a new level. Keystone Builds, official build team.


A Unique and rich main quest line to follow and complete, along with multiple side quests and stories.


A complete free gameplay experience! No micro transactions, no loot boxes, no pay to win. Built for the enjoyment of the community!

Coming Soon....

Follow the development over at Discord or by clicking here.