Develoment Roadmap


7 Years of Planning & development

A lot of planning, brainstorming, ideas in the works but development has not been consistent in the past years. Work was done in periods spread out in the past years. Development has picked up quickly since last year.


Old develop map was scrapped in favor of two separate island maps to allow the prologue and main questline to be in separate locations. Development of Azure, the first island for Relief Realms is now complete with custom biomes, trees, caves, beaches, mountain regions, and more. Island is now ready for stage two of build development.

Completed: May 15, 2020

Azure island development

Build development for the first island of Relief Realms is now complete. Island was develop by Keystone Builds. All of the main locations for the prologue story are complete. We now have a explorable map! With structures, cities, roads, NPC homes, and more!

Completed: February 3, 2020


Since February of last year most of the development for Relief Realms was focused on ReliefMCNetwork. Starting May 7 we are happy to announce we will be shifting 75% of development sources to Relief Realms. With at least 90% focus on Relief Realms by the end September 2021.

Announced: May 7, 2021

official announcement trailer

Its official! Our announcement trailer video is now live! You can watch the trailer by clicking here! For information will be releasing on a more constant basis to keep everyone updated in our development.

Completed:  May 21, 2021


World Development

The next stage for Relief Realms is the development of Azure Island. Now that we have a playable map we need to develop how the map will work for players and the environment. This includes, creating zones for multiple purposes, world exploration mechanics, custom weather, replacing vanilla trees with custom trees. Test animated windmills, gates, and other animations. Finish hand terraforming of island. Marking areas for the Stage 2 of Build Development. 

Goal Date: June 15, 2021

Stage 2 build development

Once the World Development stage is complete Azure Island will go into the Stage 2 of Build Development. This stage will re-haul any needed locations, add new locations and finish adding immersive touches to the world to bring a more immersive feel in a world of blocks. After this stage the Azure Island will be ready for Stage 2 of World Development.

Goal Date: July 15, 2021

Stage 2 World Development

Stage 2 of world development will add the final touches to the world to begin the Player Development Stage. During this stage we will add any missing zones to new locations or altered locations. Final tests on our world animations, protections, and world border. 

Goal Date: July 20, 2021

Player Development

This will be the longest development stage of Relief Realms. This is where we will be adding all the player mechanics and features. Since this stage will be long it will be broken into diffrent parts. Player Mechanics, NPC Mechanics, World Mechanics, Main Story Stage, Side Story Stage. More information about this stage will be release once we are closer to the Stage 2 of World Development. 

Goal Date: TBD